Black Pudding Stack 

My job is as a Chef so I thought I would post a couple of pictures (possibly more later) of some food I have cooked, Today’s photo is of a Black Pudding Stack, Black pudding being a traditional dish here in Lancashire in this dish I use a black pudding stick rather than the traditional Bury black pudding.

Photographs taken on January 15th 2017 in Blackburn with a iPhone 6s plus.


2 Slices of Black Pudding Stick 

4 pieces of chicken 

1 rasher of back bacon

Heat the black pudding and cook the

Chicken and Bacon then arrange in 

A stack & add the chorizo sauce.

Chorizo Sauce

Chop some chorizo sausage and add 

To a pan add oil and heat slowly add 

Chopped onion,garlic and paprika,season

Add white wine and reduce then add double 

Cream and cook for a few minutes till it thickens

Then pour over the black pudding drizzle some

Balsamic Syrup over and sprinkle some paprika 

Over and serve straight away.

All Photographs by Paul Brown ©️ 

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