"Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder" William Shakespeare.

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Blackburn Cathedral, showing the War Memorial and The sculpture by Mark Jalland, The Healing of The Nations taken on Tuesday 23rd of January 2018 with a iPhone 6s plus Smartphone (Original Photograph and Three various edited versions)

Original Picture.

Black and White Edited Picture.

HDR Edited Picture.

Artistic Edited Picture.

All Photographs by Paul Brown ©️

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Hello, I thought I Would write a post with Photographs that are not what you would call beautiful but are important nevertheless, that is Industrial structures and other buildings in my local area (Blackburn and Darwen in Lancashire, England)

  “The Bandstand” Sunnyhurst Woods, Darwen United Kingdom taken 27th October 2006 with Canon PowerShot A530 Camera.

  “Entrance to Corparation Park” Blackburn United Kingdom taken 15th June 2012 with a Panasonic Camera.  “Gasometer” (Looking the worst for Wear) Blackburn United Kingdom taken on April 20th 2016 with a Sony Xperia Z5 Smartphone.     “The Boulevard” with the Railway Station in the Background, Blackburn United Kingdom taken 16th June 2008 with a Camera phone (see below)

 “The Boulevard” (now Cathedral Quarter) with part of Railway station in background as it looks now taken 28th March 2016 with a Sony Xperia Z5 Smartphone.

 “Flora” Corparation Park, Blackburn United Kingdom taken 22nd October 2007 with a Camera Phone.

All Photographs by Paul Brown ©️